We Are AppLab

We are a digital agency located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We focus on creating innovative online and mobile concepts and proving that they work by actually realising them.

Concepts to Innovate

Delivering many creative ideas, which we quickly sanity check and tranform into innovative and feasible concepts.

Agile web & app development

Working agile the concept is delivered in small functional parts which allows you to launch your product quickly and learn continuously from your first consumers.

Consulting & Coaching

Over 30 years of our teams online experience is shared with you in any way that suits your companies needs.

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Our Service

In everything we do, we take an agile approach: getting results fast, testing them and adapting as needed.


Brain-, concept-, idea-storming. Whatever you call it, we can help to generate and validate new ideas quickly.


Transforming your idea into feasible concepts and exploring solutions.


The context of your business continuously changes and you need to adapt to stay ahead. Changing and evolving the business plan is part of the game.


We get you ready to launch and validate your product as fast as possible. Early customer feedback is paramount to getting to a viable and profitable product.

Mobile and wearable apps

The mobile revolution has only just begun. We know how to build the next generation of online apps.

Responsive web applications

Mobile first development starts on the web. A responsive website helps you launch your app quickly with lower costs and great reach, on all devices.

Scrum and Agile coaching

We know how to build and guide high velocity teams. Teams that are confident and know how to deliver with quality.

Agile Product Management

From a minimal viable product to the extended version, we assure it remains true to the original concept.

Lean Architecture

We have years of experience in building scalable, online systems while optimizing TOC and time to market.


Outstanding products are crafted from passion!


Our Way

We firmly believe that taking many small steps is better than one giant leap. Launch, learn, adapt. Get things DONE!

Agile & Lean

Everything we do is focused on bringing value. Money and time are scarce, better spend them wisely on stuff that gives you a return.

Passion driven

We love to create, to realize new online products: mobile, web, wearable. … things, anything connected. We believe that true passion is the source of truly great products that make a difference.

Digital Minds

We have been living online for years and have a deep understanding of the digital landscape and it’s endless opportunities. Our minds click.


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Completed Projects



Browse some of the projects that we worked on in the past.

Nutricia voor jou

Nutricia voor jou

Nutricia voor jou

Heineken Star Player

Heineken Star Player

Play the world

Ship it Smarter

Ship it Smarter

Albert Heijn Appie

Albert Heijn Appie

Centrum Indicatiestelling Zorg

Centrum Indicatiestelling Zorg

Port infolink

Port infolink



KLM Rich Media

KLM Rich Media

To give visitors of the KLM.com website more of an experience …


Wolters Kluwer

Where we are

As true DIGITAL NATIVES, we are ofcourse, everywhere, always... However, just in case you want to send us some niceties or stop by for coffee, you can find us here.

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